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Check out my guest post at Capturing Como!

When I decided I needed to jump on the blog bandwagon, I knew that I needed a theme. The question was, what? As a journalist, I’ve done plenty of writing, but at the same time I don’t consider myself an authoritative voice about anything.¬†

¬†Then I found capturingcomo.com. This is local blogger moved to CoMo last year with no connections or preconceptions about the city. She’s documenting what she discovers about life in this college town. It occurred to me that I could write about what I’m discovering or have discovered as I’m getting ready to leave it.

This week, that blogger was kind enough to feature a guest post by moi. So, check out Capturing Como for my post about my favorite places in Columbia, then and now. Be sure to tell me what your Columbia favorites are and read http://www.capturingcomo.com/2010/11/guest-post-my-favorite-places-in-como.html.